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Second House is a modern apartment complex designed for your comfort. Apartment Second House features a tranquil and intimate atmosphere that supports the author's unique decor. Its Guests and Corporate customers, we offer great rates for travelers. Check out the Specials.suggestions For organizations that provides for a Rate of Travel for the promotional code, the corporate client Reservation under contract with the organization by transferring money to the account. The convenient location is always a nice bonus for guests! We are located in the LCD "Water", 500 meters from the metro station "Water stadium". Within walking distance • Business center • the stadium "Open arena" and "Dynamo" • the famous Golovinsky ponds and the Gothic manor Mihalkovo This Aparthotel Second House is located near the famous Universities in Moscow MSTUCA, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia to them.In.I.Kikot, the MGIIT them.Yu.And.Sienkiewicz, EGI, MGUP, Moscow state pedagogical University, FA under the government of the Russian Federation, Moscow agricultural Academy im.To.And.A part of the SGA, the Institute of tourism and hospitality, ASSO. Departure on the Leningrad highway takes less than five minutes. Additional benefits for our guests: • Accounting documents • High-Speed Wi-Fi • Free cleaning service every three days • Bed linen, towels, bathrobes, Slippers • Hotel perfumes • key passage in the underground Parking directly in the shopping center where you will find over 100 shops, beauty salons, dry cleaners, banks, pharmacies, shops and more.


Staff in the apartments are General and can vary according to apartment type. Please check the description of Your apartment.

Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Reservation cancellation When booking on the official website Visitor is automatically sent a confirmation about the booking of the apartment specified in the booking form e-mail. At the top of the booking confirmation there is a link "Manage my booking" and following the "access code". In order to amend/cancel your booking, the Guest must follow the link and enter in the window specified access code. After clicking on "Show details booking" the guest will be able to make some adjustments to my reservation, and if necessary to cancel the reservation. Data that can change during the booking with the payment method "When checking": Date of arrival and departure Phone, email, comment The guest's full name Room category Rate Delete the number Data that changes can be made to a booking, with guaranteed payment methods: Date of arrival and departure (if the value has not changed) Phone, email, comment The guest's full name Cancellation is possible with any method of payment. The order of refund is governed by the rules of international payment systems.
Pets Pets are prohibited in the hotel.
Payment policies and payment security and confidentiality of information. Apartment "Second house", guests to stay, furnished apartments, equipped with appliances (TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc.), plumbing and other equipment. The apartments have modern finishes, utilities, equipment, equipment, compliant at the time of commissioning. Guests must take good care of the unit or property, to use the equipment for other purposes, to comply with fire safety requirements. In the case of damage to property, technical malfunctions, emergencies (flooding, fire, broken glass, etc.) must immediately notify the administrator by phone +79262300991.
Internal regulations of the apartment Over compliance with the internal regulations of the apartment ensures the administrator. It gives visitors a clarification of the rules of residence, receives complaints from them on the actions of the cleaning company and other visitors who violate the established order of work of the property. Administrator communication means: telephone, WhatsApp, Viber, e-mail. Visitors after the payment get the instructions for samozasiti. It is forbidden to share code samosatene, away. From 23 to 8 a.m. inside the building and on-site must keep silence. In the apartment is forbidden to turn on high volume radio and TV, talking on the raised tones. Visitors to the apartment can come visit from 8 to 23 hours. On the arrival of the Guest must consent living in the apartment. Responsible for the Guest staying in the apartment. If necessary, the administrator has the right to verify the documents. It is unacceptable to leave without the need to open the cold taps, and most importantly, hot water. It is prohibited to leave open the taps (faucets) after leaving the apartment.
The migration registration of foreign citizens Upon arrival of a foreign citizen the property shall, within 7 days to notify the territorial body of the Federal migration service about the arrival of a foreign citizen in the place of stay. The costs associated with such notification, shall be compensated by the foreign national, in respect of which the notice. We have the right to refuse to provide accommodations in the absence of documents proving legal presence on the territory of the Russian Federation of a foreign citizen.
Offer Apartments are for accommodation only. Conducting any kind of activities are prohibited. The guest must respect the quiet night time (between 23:00 and 08:00 please refrain from yelling, loud music and other noise). Accommodations are available to persons under the age of 18 years. In the case of property damage, report it to clarify the cost and damages. We are not responsible for the safety of property and valuables left in the accommodation. At the exit of the housing please close the door (the door handle turns up), and don't leave the Windows open. We care about Your safety, in this regard, we are video surveillance cameras in halls and corridors. All information is recorded, is recorded in the data storage and stored for 5 days. Video surveillance is for security purposes, Guests and their property, property apartment. The guest takes note and does not object to the use of the premises (except for apartments) surveillance systems. At the entrance to the apartment guest receives the instruction samosatene, where it says how much it needs to go, as after the Guest to enter the apartment can not. In the case of early departure, the Guest is obliged to notify the administrator 30 minutes before the release of the apartment and to inform the administrator about the proper/improper condition of furniture, sanitary-technical and other equipment. In case of damage to property, as well as sanitary and other equipment located in the apartment, if the damage was caused by tenant or persons living together with him, the guest shall compensate the harm caused to them or their own, either in cash according to market prices on the specified equipment. Apartments at causing substantial material damage through the fault or negligence of the tenant and (or) their Guests shall be drawn up of the established sample. In this case, in addition to damages the tenant shall voluntarily or by court order to reimburse the apartment losses associated with downtime during repairs, replacement of furniture etc. (for example, when Gulf water). Guests cease to live in the apartment with the expiration of the contract between the guest and apartments on the provision of accommodation services. The tenant has the right to terminate the contract on providing accommodation services at any time upon payment of the actual provision of the accommodation (see the tariff plan chosen, on some plans refund is not carried out at the check-out earlier than intended stay). If a resident repeatedly violates the internal rules of the apartment that leads to material losses or inconvenience to other visitors stay, the apartment has the right to refuse or terminate the contract (to carry out eviction). In this case, after deduction of the amount covering the visitor caused by the material losses and (or) the penalties provided by these rules, the tenant is not refundable the balance of the previously made payment. The administrator has the right to refuse accommodation without explanation or in the following cases: • among visitors there are no documents, the documents are invalid or expired, it is suspected that the documents are false; • no payment apartments in the prescribed manner and in the required amount; • the Guest unkempt, dirty appearance, he is in a drunken state, inappropriately aggressive behaviour; • Guest refuses to comply with internal rules of accommodation in the apartments (Smoking, Parking lots, etc.); • Guest included in the list of unwanted guests (stoplist); • in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and common sense. In case of dispute, the issues are decided by the property management company apartment Second house. The apartment complex has a register of undesirable people (stop list). It includes: • guests residing in the apartment and evicted; • persons under investigation, according to the interior Ministry; In case of loss or damage to belongings, the tenant must immediately notify the administrator of the apartment. If, before the expiration of the stay of the guest is not put in a claim to the property, it is believed that his belongings were not lost or damaged. In case of detection of the forgotten things, the hotel owner is obliged to immediately notify the owner, if known. Forgotten things are kept from the administrator within 1 month and then transferred to the appropriate public authorities or destroyed, what is drawn up in the prescribed form.
Children and extra beds Children of any age. Children under 10 years stay free of charge if they do not occupy a bed. Children together with parents without extra bed is free of charge. If necessary, extra bed for a child of any age and adult, the cost is 500 rubles. Provides a portable bed (cot). Order in advance at least one day.
Accommodation before and after the current hour The day of service provision of accommodation is calculated from 14:00 to 12:00 the next day (regardless of time of arrival). Early check-in (if you have a prepared property) from 6:00 to 14:00 is calculated by the website automatically when you select the time of arrival (full payment for last night at the confirmed rate) Late check-out after 12:30 p.m. (if you have a prepared property) calculated by the website automatically as well (full payment the following day of the stay at the confirmed rate).
Smoking Article 12 of the Federal law from 23.02.2013 № 15-FZ "On protection of health of citizens from impact of ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption". In the apartments, corridors, stairwells - do not smoke. For Smoking in not put place the penalty of 5000 rubles. In the case of repeated Smoking in the above areas the property has the right to evict the tenant.
Pets Pets are not allowed.
Размещение с домашними животными Проживание с животными в апартаментах запрещено.

Terms & Conditions

The procedure of booking is absolutely safe. All personal details are encrypted and processed in a secure mode. Personal information will only be used for booking. On matters of payment and other issues, You can contact us by phone: +79262300991 or 88005508991 (toll-free) You provide personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, credit card number) is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Your credit card details are only transmitted in encrypted form and not stored on our Web server. To refund to the Bank card you need to fill in the "Application on refund" and send it together with a scanned copy of your passport at ipsecondhouse@gmail.com. The refund will be made on a credit card within 21 (twenty one) working day from the date of receipt of Application for refund by the Company.

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